3D Scanning Services

Automotives Industry

At Motmould we can 3D scan a wide range of parts and components such as: car bodywork, single car doors, car tires, rimes, engine bay, full interior, sheet metal parts & components or any type of engine blocks.

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Machinery & Equipment

Depending on the project needs, 3D scanning can be most efficiently utilized during the following stages:

  • pre-production stage of a manufacturing cycle
  • production stage
  • failure investigation.

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Electronics industry

3D scanning can quickly acquire 3D data of the electronic product so that the designer can adjust the product shape, and greatly improve the work efficiency. Whether you lost or damaged a piece, or needed minor improvements, we could help.

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3D scanning for designing and creating customized prosthetic and orthotic devices? We can help!

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Dental Engineering

3D dental scanning is most commonly utilized for cosmetic and restoration purposes, such as reconstructive therapy or oral surgery. 3D imaging allows for planning and customizing services for procedures such as bone grafts, implants, and root canals.

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Architecture and Construction

We can measure every dimension you need or simply 3D scan the whole thing. In most cases, it’s easier to scan a building rather than measure every window, doorway or facade and that is why we are here to help.

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By scanning a piece of jewellery it can be re-made as a precise copy of the original so it can give you a vital image needed for a perfect result.Restoring, designing or replica, by using a 3D scanner a perfect outline can be provided for your desired project

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Fashion Industry

The fashion industry has been going through a digital revolution for some time. One new technology, 3D body scanning and dress clothes is beginning to impact the fashion business and grow in popularity and we are here to face this challenge.

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