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Our partners are mainly industrial designers, plant manager, investors, inventors, providing parts design checking, mold and molding product cost quotation and full technical engineering support.

Our mold service includes mold design, mold making and manufacturing, OEM / ODM manufacturing , plastic product design and development assistance.

Mold Design

We use the latest engineer softwares to build 2D or 3D mold structures and simulate its capability; our designers will follow the ultimate confirmed DFM reports to build mold structures, and assemble mold components that are the customer’s mold standard.

Mold Making

At Motmould we guarantee the best support in the entire mold making process. We have experts in many cities that can advise you on all injection molding processes to have your products at the best price.

OEM & ODM manufacturing

OEM manufacturing is normally best suited for people and businesses with new and innovative products.

OEM is essential when a company designs a product from the ground up and then contracts another company to manufacture it for them. This happens, for instance, when you design a brand new widget, launch it on a crowdfunding site and need to get it produced. Apple uses OEM for producing the iPhone. They come up with the design, then contract a number of third-party manufacturers to handle the mass production.

The minimum order quantity will be higher than with ODM, because of the higher level of capital expenditure and technical understanding of the product required. ODM (Original Design Manufacturer)

This type of manufacturing is often also referred to as private labeling. With ODM you contact a manufacturer of an existing product, often through a site like Alibaba, and have the product branded with your brand and company information. Sometimes, you can request modifications. Many suppliers are only prepared to make minor changes like product size, color, and packaging.

Many of the sellers and entrepreneurs you hear about importing from China and selling on Amazon are essentially following this method. The most popular place to find ODM manufacturers, especially in Asia, is Alibaba.com. Other sources include Aliexpress.com, GlobalSources.com, and Made-In-China.com. These sources are covered in more depth in the Supplier Marketplaces chapter. The minimum order quantity will be less than with OEM, because there are fewer set-up costs to recoup.

Plastic product design and development assistance

Motmould assesses your drawings and provides engineering guidance to help you design mould-able parts that are optimized for manufacture. From tool design concepts to process development and validation, we ensure that all aspects of production meet the ultimate goal of producing high-quality injection moulded parts.

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