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The demand for 2D digitization is increasing with each passing day as most of the content is now being transmitted, accessed and downloaded from the internet. Motmould has the wherewithal to digitize your raster images into fully editable, multi-layer vector format and all the scanned data can be digitized at competitive prices. Also TIFF, JPEG, GIF, or PDF can easily be converted to DWG, DWF files.

2d digit diagram


Models of solid objects are used for computer processing to analyze the robustness of the solid structure. It is also referred to as volume modeling and we can provide accurate manual & electronic drawings in AUTOCAD format which then can be converted to CATIA, PRO/ENGINEER, UNIGRAPHICS and also SOLID WORKS.

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Surface modeling is very important in computer aided design and can be crucial in making prototypes. We recognize fastness as the key component when talking about turnaround time for surface modeling and this is the main reason why most of our clients come to us.

surface modeling-300x95


As you know, greater efficiencies are achieved by combining a group of individual components together. Assemblies can be done using Bottom Up and Top Down techniques. We have expertise in both approaches and can perform assemblies in whichever format you desire.



Mechanism Dynamics :

  • Create connections between parts to build an assembly with the desired degrees of freedom, then apply motors to generate the type of motion you want to study.
  • Create trace curves and motion envelopes that represent the motion physically.
  • Use to define a mechanism, make it move, and analyze its motion. When you are ready to analyze the movement, you can observe and record the analysis, or measure quantities such as positions, velocities, accelerations, or forces, and graph the measurement.



Technical drawings are used to fully and clearly define requirements for engineering items so that the manufacturer can efficiently produce a component. Its purpose is to accurately and unambiguously capture all the geometric features of a product or a component.

Our goal in regards with engineering drawing is to convey all the required information that will allow you to produce the desired component.


Reverse engineering refers to the process of obtaining a CAD model from an existing physical part. This process is used by companies that manufacture or produce constantly changing parts and we have what it takes to make it happen.

Our teams of technically skilled professionals have the capability to perform reverse engineering tasks on time and within your budget.



This is how can we help you use the Behavioral Modeling tool :

  • Create feature parameters based on measurements and analyses of the model
  • Create geometric entities based on measurements and analyses of the model
  • Create new types of measurements tailored to application-specific needs
  • Analyze the behavior of measured parameters as variable dimensions and parameters change
  • Automatically find dimension and parameter values that achieve a desired behavior of the model
  • Analyze the behavior of measured parameters within a specified design space

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