Feasibility Study

Pre- Feasibility and Feasibility Studies

Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies are two key documents in the preparation of infrastructure projects which analyses the costs and benefits of a certain project/products and proves its justification. Knowledge of basic methodology and key issues and knowledge of potential problems in the preparation of a feasibility study facilitates the preparation of a project, so the project can be executed in a much better way. All of the above increases the chances for funding the ideas that are generated in a project and facilitates the subsequent project implementation.

Types of feasibility studies:

  • Technical Feasibility

  • Schedule Feasibility

  • Cultural Feasibility

  • Legal and Ethical Feasibility

  • Resource Feasibility

  • Operational Feasibility

Business Plan

Our business plans are well researched and designed to address all key business areas including SWOTS, Marketing Plans, Business Operation, Viability, Pricing, Supply Chain, Growth Plans, Forecasting and Exit.

Market Research

Operating across a range of Service, business sectors and industries, Motmould, a market research company based in Transylvania, utilizes quantitative and qualitative market research tools to assist companies to gather strategic market data. Based on your objectives and needs, our consultants will design tailor-made methodologies aimed at gathering reliable and high-quality market intelligence.

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