Mechanical Engineering and Design Services

Regarding the area of mechanical design, we offer a complex line of services:

  1. Concept design
  2. RTM design
  3. Technical documentation
  4. Reverse engineering

Concept design:

The most important criterion for the development of a tailor-made industrial solution is direct contact with the customer and understanding all customer requirements with regards their specific production methods.

Therefore, we take time to understand our customers’ ideas and guidelines, so that we are then able to implement them perfectly in specific solution approaches.

Based on these criteria, we develop an individualized concept in direct collaboration with the customer. We create the best possible customized concept considering all technical and economic factors for production.

Concept design

RTM design. Ready to Manufacture:

From the initial requirements up until the start of the manufacturing process of your product there can be a long way.

We can support your ongoing projects by developing and finalizing your already existing concepts, by:

  • working out the functional details;
  • choosing and implementing electric motors, pneumatic drives or sensors;
  • choosing the proper materials and treatments for metal components;
  • calculating mechanical limits and tolerances;
  • choosing and implementing the proper fastening elements needed for the assembly;
  • calculating machinery cycle times;
  • preparing the BoM with all components of mechanical assemblies;
  • preparing technical drawings.

Meticulously preparing manufacturing documentation before going into production can greatly reduce manufacturing times and costs, reduce risks and impacts.

RTM design. Ready to Manufacture

Technical documentation:

When you need an extra hand for your time-consuming yet important project-related activities, we can also be your partner. We can support your ongoing projects by:

  • realizing user manuals,
  • creating spare part lists,
  • creating assembly drawings.

Technical documentation

Reverse engineering:

We provide reverse engineering services to our customers using 3D scanning systems. With our additive manufacturing capabilities, we are able to build prototype fixture and parts that allows for pre-build testing.

We are capable to reproduce the manufacturing documentation for your existing spare and wear parts.

Reverse engineering

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